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Projectors and screens

We have been playing with projectors and screens since their early inception. Therefore we have extensive experience of what works and where depending on light conditions, size, aspect , noise, brightness etc. There are many options to choose from , We know what works. These images taken from a customers setup we designed and built are achieved from a combination of projector and screen which is very affordable. Not many know how to achieve these results at the prices which we can. We are able to supply and install many brands, however we hand select the ones we feel are best for each customers room and requirements.

2020-03-07 15.27.57
2020-03-07 15.27.45
2020-03-07 15.27.31
2020-05-28 16.22.53
2020-03-07 15.27.14
2020-03-07 15.26.48
2020-03-07 15.26.47
2020-03-07 15.26.07
2020-03-07 15.25.38
grandview cinema screen and projector screen
home cinema projector
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