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All demo and pre owned equipment we list is in showroom condition, boxed and unbeatable value

Shunyata Alpha power cable, in box demo unit. (POA)

Skogrand SC Beethoven 1.jpg

Skogrand Beethoven 1m pair RCA interconnect. We have a mint demo pair in the box. (POA)

furutech flux speaker cable

Furutech Flux Speaker Cable 3m Pair Spades on each end. Demo unit in box. (POA)

Audio Exklusiv P6.1 electrostatic loudspeaker, in box demo unit. (POA)

Skogrand SCD Beethoven BNC 2.jpg

Skogrand Beethoven 1m BNC digital Cable. We have a mint demo unit in the box. (POA)


Skogrand USB cable. Demo unit in the box (POA)

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